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Datavant and Ciox are now Datavant, the leader in data logistics for healthcare

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Who we are

Datavant protects, connects, and delivers the world’s most precious data.

As the leader in data logistics for healthcare, we enable organizations to achieve their boldest ambitions and advance human health.

The need has never been greater

Making healthcare decisions with incomplete, insufficient information has dire consequences.



deaths caused by medical errors in US each year



avg. time to diagnose rare disease patients (but can be decades)



outpatients misdiagnosed each year



of US healthcare spending is considered wasteful



of trials experience delays in part due to data issues, such as screening failures

We deserve better.

Join Datavant in fixing the health data supply chain

We securely and compliantly move relevant health data from where it sits to where it needs to be.


We protect health data while ensuring organizations have control over how their data is accessed and used.


We connect data throughout the broadest network of networks.


We deliver accessible, usable, and relevant data through technology and value-added services.

Learn how data logistics can propel healthcare.

Why Datavant

Datavant: the leader in health data logistics

Thousands of organizations have already joined Datavant’s network of networks, including more than 70,000 hospitals and clinics, 70% of the top 100 largest health systems, and an ecosystem of 500+ real-world data partners.

Gain access

Customers can bring together the broadest set of their own data and other relevant data to achieve their goals.

Maintain confidence

Customers can pursue their data-related aspirations with confidence to know Datavant provides the highest-level of compliance and security.

Simplify the process

Customers can enjoy the most friction-free way to use the data they need, almost as easy as a single click.

Data logistics

Data logistics helps every part of healthcare

Healthcare Providers

Great data logistics gives providers whole patient health data, effectively assembled for specific requests, and protected to ensure patient privacy.

Built on our decades of release of information expertise, our products and services create a frictionless experience for managing the flow of patient data. We ensure relevant information is provided only to those who should have it.

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Life Sciences

Effective incorporation of real world data means new discoveries, more evidence, better patient support, and improved commercial performance.

But how do you find the right data, connect it, and optimize your data strategy for scale and flexibility? With a data connectivity platform that protects, connects, and delivers the data you need when you need it.

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The value of health data can be limitless when it gets to the right people at the right time.

Data logistics enables an ecosystem that maximizes data utility – creating a frictionless data supply chain so that decision makers can incorporate data effectively.

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Public Sector

Non-profits, research groups, and government organizations strive to promote and protect the health of populations.

Our data logistics expertise allows researchers to focus on their unique research question, knowing that they have the right data, are using it compliantly, and can match it across datasets for the deepest insights.

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Health Plans

Being an effective health plan means knowing your members. It’s the only way to anticipate needs, manage risks, and provide more compelling benefits.

Data logistics helps Payers navigate the sea of data complexity by connecting members’ individual experiences together to provide a more complete picture of member health.

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Case studies

Shedding light on the burden of rare disease

Shedding light on the burden of rare disease

A life sciences company developing a treatment for retinitis pigmentosa (RP), a rare eye disease, wished to more fully understand the burden of disease and total healthcare cost and resource utilization (HCRU) of RP patients.


Verana Health, a data provider specializing in curated ophthalmology data, worked with Datavant to compliantly de-identify and connect data from a patient registry with a claims dataset. The combined dataset provided deeper insights and a more holistic view of patient interactions with the healthcare system that would not have been captured by the registry dataset or the claims dataset alone.

Scaling compliance workflows for oncology analytics company

Scaling compliance workflows for oncology analytics company

An oncology data analytics solutions provider needed to address HIPAA compliance when using their proprietary cloud-based platform, analytics and expertise to organize complex data. By identifying treatment patterns and gaining insights into variations in care delivery, they received a comprehensive picture of cancer to advance care and research.


After using Datavant to tokenize the data, the company entered a long-term agreement with Datavant to obtain statistical disclosure risk analyses quarterly. The company received comprehensive Expert Determinations for all data assets, given that Datavant created a baseline standard for all disease areas that it supports within the framework of HIPAA compliance.

Helping a health plan predict expenditures

Helping a health plan predict expenditures

A large Medicare Advantage national health plan needed member information for 3 million patients (90% of their population) for risk adjustment purposes. Datavant digitally retrieved health data for over half of these patients in a matter of weeks.


Datavant queried these patients based on member demographics without requiring provider information, allowing clinical data to be retrieved from the entirety of Datavant’s digital network. The frictionless delivery allowed the health plan to start analysis and coding more quickly, better target hard-to-reach charts, and reduce reliance on providers to pull the records for review.

Reducing time-consuming manual processes for providers

Reducing time-consuming manual processes for providers

A large New York health system that included 9 hospitals and employed 850 providers had a labor-intensive manual process to fulfill managed care audits. They implemented Datavant’s Digital Release of Information solution, which incorporated an API between their EHR and Datavant’s platform to digitally fulfill the managed care audits.


This upgrade gave the health system the capacity to process 10x the requests per month with increased accuracy and lower costs; the number of phone calls received from requesters also decreased by over 90%.

Hear from our customers and partners

The realization of novel national data linkages with robust privacy controls would not be possible without Datavant’s privacy-preserving approach and deep risk de-identification expertise. It is foundational to the CLAD’s real-world data curation.

Melissa Haendel, PhD. Principal Investigator, NIH ALL of Us Center for Linkage & Data Acquisition (CLAD); CRIO, University of Colorado Anschutz

Datavant has been an excellent partner with MWHC – HIM for many years now. They provide excellent service to our patients and my department.

Crystal Willis, Director, Health Information Management at MedStar Washington Hospital Center

It’s hard to be in the trenches, especially for a company that’s building core infrastructure. But through the challenge, I hope everybody recognizes the impact that data logistics is having and will have. It is truly transformative.

Amy Abernethy, President of Product Development & Chief Medical Officer at Verily

Datavant listens to their customers and customizes their services based on our priorities and needs. This is what makes them unique.

Maribeth Jimenez, Operations Manager at Hackensack University Medical